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Mice in our community

The food for mice

The food for mice

Our Master Moo Moo had three-year retreat in a cave of Mt. Jirisan.

During the retreat, he lived olny on a few spoons of mixed grain cereal once a day. He didn’t have enough food and to make things worse, a mouse gnawed through the bag of the cereal. So he declared war on the mouse. He tried his best, hiding it in some other places or packing it harder. But the mouse never ever failed to find out the bag and eat the cereal.

So he gave up hiding the food from the mouse. Instead, he started gathering seeds around the cave. From that time on, he waited the mouse with holding seeds on his hand at his lunch time.

When he opened up his plastic bag for lunch, the smell of cereal spread out. And the mouse showed up, coming close to him and eating seeds in his hand.

After his three-year retreat, he gives some food to mice live in our place. He always washes the bowl clean, putting grain or crackers in it, feeling sorry for not having shared his food. The bowl for mice is in our wash-place. So whenever the bowl becomes empty, they bite our soap to let us know. How smart they are!

May all beings in our community be happy!

sign for emptiness

sign for emptiness

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