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Zen Master Moo Moo Sunim

He was born in 1953 in Ham Yang, South Korea. In his childhood, he used to stay in samadhi by contemplating on death or universe. But hearing strong message from his heart “Finish up worldy things as soon as possible!”, so he left his home town at the age of 15.

From that time, he had experienced various jobs like a barber, a factory worker, a farm woker, a tailor and a bus driver and so forth. Meanwhile he never worried about money , just wanted to “finish up what he has to do or what he has to learn from the world.”

One day, he finished up his work and got a strong feeling that “Finally, I ‘ve finished all I have to do” with tears of great comfort. Then coming back home and sitting to meditate, put it all down. And he got enlightened, eternal freedom from life & death.

After his enlightenment, he wanted to know what he’d experienced. So he started reading all kinds of religious books, and eventually found out that the teachings of the Buddha is the same as his experience. He asked Buddhist people who the greatest teacher was. As a person said about “Hye Am Zen Master”, he went to Hea In Sa temple to meet him.

Meeting Zen Master Hye Am- 10th Patriarch of Chogye Order, he received Inka-Dharma transmission in 1986. That time Zen Master Hye Am said to him, “Keep it a secret for 20 years”

Now he is practising and teaching in Mt. Jiri where there is a his cave having practised for 3 years.

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